Red Moon Rises

by Engine

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released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Engine Shreveport, Louisiana

Engine is a growing face in the southern music scene. The band found their roots playing gospel, rhythm and blues and have since added psych rock elements to the growing sound. Engine is currently in the process of releasing their fourth full-length album “Red Moon Rises” which they recorded, produced, and pressed themselves in their north Louisiana community.  ... more

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Track Name: Count Your Cards
You gotta let it on down
falling through a deep black space
there’s blood on the ground and your face
yeah your face is getting to your head
you gotta bear your cross
counting all the world as loss
till you gain
what you gain
what’d you gain?
I just want to take my chances
with pain
I’m not only stealing glances
please just tell me that you’re lying
I don’t want to be your old best friend
can I hang from your neck and pretend it’s the end again?
grace, I’m praying that you find me
in your own way
You gotta count your cards
I just want to take my chances
with fame
I’m not only filling glasses
Please just tell me that you’re lying
I know, I told you what to say
in your own way
Track Name: If Somebody Gives You a Hand
Don’t muscle me pilgrim
i’ll catch my breath
my fever burns
as the spider turns in the people’s nets
don’t hustle me martyr
you gotta get up, get on, get out
faith is not determined by the reader’s doubts
you could call it aleander’s irony
in a pimped out suit with a cigeratte as I bow my head I see him laughing
Don’t look at me lover
that same old lie
swallows up the world just like a woman’s eye
on my heart I’d built you there an alter
full of half-wit slueths discussing youth in a still phone booth
but truth ain’t calling
you’re so with me
you came from outer space
Track Name: Shuffle
Love, what a beautiful love
I want to wrap it up and sell it on the streets like drugs
Life, you’re gunna wear that skin a long time
well you can like it in the meantime
if you don’t give up
Patraeus, you’re burning just because
I would rather be alone
than climbing up this waterfall
I would rather be unknown
then to know it all, to know at all
Sleep now, just sleep now
You won’t wake the man you were
calling? voices calling on the intercom?
are you sure that’s what you heard?
did it sound like a little bird?
Track Name: Here's the Deal
So go get your rush in the waiting line
when your from another time
what secrets can you find?
if I’m barnabas
then why this spinning round the wheel?
you’re gunna get caught in the gears if you climb that clock too long
I could only lose my head for you
holy feather
now or never
you gotta fall
sister of mine
you are lost stranded in the clouds
so far away your eyes are green in seas of blue
in the deepest empty room
but god girl you move
earth you are a manifest
you scream exist and loneliness
but I could only lose my head for you
I’m not angry
Track Name: Patraeus
Patraeus burns with unnatural light
You’d have to see for yourself
any other broad
any other night
i’d not trade noose for the sail
but Denny’s got a sister
like the devil will
Patraeus glows like a carousel
in the deep black fiber optic tentacle sea
the devil does what the devil will
but you see my darling, he will answer to answer to
who, who, who, who, whom
but me?
I’m gunna get there
I’m gunna get there
:indistinguishable line: